GP's Competitive Advantage

  • Open Architecture – GP is an independent advisor with access to most plan providers, mutual fund companies and third party administrators. Through one relationship alone, GP has access to over 12,000 mutual funds in over 400 fund families. The breadth of choices in all aspects of retirement plans allows plan sponsors to choose integrated solutions, or select from the best in class in each area of expertise.
  • Performance / Risk Based Assessment System – GP can and does provide investment advice to plan sponsors. The basis for recommendation revolves around a volume of factors including risk adjusted investment performance. When utilizing an open architecture platform, it is critical to narrow investment choices down to manageable selection. GP's process accomplishes this quickly and efficiently.
  • Shared Fiduciary Responsibility – GP puts itself on the same side of the table as the plan sponsor by sharing fiduciary responsibility. This generally provides an extra level of comfort to employers, demonstrating our advice is in their best interests.
  • Transparent Pricing – Despite the enormity of confusion surrounding the mutual fund and retirement plans universes, GP can guide plan sponsors to an understanding of how all the parties are compensated including Garrison Phillips' transparent fee-based approach.
  • Ability to Advise Employees – Unlike providers working in a brokerage capacity, GP can provide investment specific advice to your employees if you so choose.
  • A First Hand Understanding of Your Issues – The founder of Garrison Phillips was formerly a retirement plan administrator. Consequently, we have adopted a philosophy that encapsulates the concerns and issues of plan sponsors. We provide knowledge and education when it's needed, guidance on logistical issues such as payroll submission, and a helpful and empathetic mindset when you are trying to make your deadlines.
  • Insight to Recent Law Changes– With tax law and ERISA under perpetual change, it remains a challenge for all plan sponsors to stay current. GP focuses on keeping plan sponsors updated with recent changes. We help distinguish between items requiring critical attention and those that may have little impact.