Why Choose GP to Manage Money

  • Performance Driven – When we manage assets we know performance is critical. Increasing your bottom line is ultimately why you come to us. GP provides quarterly reporting including information on your portfolio's P&L. It establishes and maintains our accountability and your portfolio transparency.
  • Risk / Reward Focus – GP's investment methodology has been developed over time, adapting proven methodologies by others established over decades of investing. The result is an investment model in which GP measures risk, rejecting unacceptable levels and correspondingly assuming tolerable degrees based upon each client's profile. It generates a concerted effort to maximize profits while mitigating undue risk.
  • Spotlight on Economic Fundamentals – GP's management has long held the belief that understanding securities markets' economic and financial fundamentals remain paramount in positioning an investment portfolio. Far too often financial managers see the stock market and the economy as the same. They are not, but are clearly correlated. It is true that the stock market is a leading indicator for our economy. However, we have found we normally learn more about the stock market from studying the economy than the converse. Understanding these interconnections has been critical to our success.
  • Earnings Based Investment Model – Screening for stocks of companies with earnings remains paramount. Although special situations can occur where investment in companies without earnings is warranted, GP believes finding companies with established earnings patterns is a key parameter in reducing market risk and optimizing investment performance.
  • Attention to Technical Parameters – Many fundamental managers ignore technical parameters. We do not. Understanding how stocks trade individually as well as within their industry provides critical information about when and at what price to buy and sell a stock.
  • No Conflicts of Interest – We value the advice we provide our clients first and foremost, and have structured our business accordingly. GP is not a broker dealer (1). It does not have a trading desk servicing large mutual funds, nor an investment-banking department servicing institutional and publicly traded clients. Consequently, we don't get paid for providing other services to non-advisory or retirement plan clients that compromise GP's interests with you.
  • Fee Based Advisor – As an investment advisor, GP does not charge commissions for securities transactions. Fees are charged based on the assets under management. This puts GP on the same side of the table as our clients. We stand to benefit as the value of your portfolio increases.