Employer Retirement Plan Solutions

Employer Retirement Plan Solutions
Retirement Plan Universe

Within the Retirement Plan Universe, GP is as flexible as you need us to be. We can manage the entire process, or act as advisor regarding any one aspect of your plan. It's all up to you.

Unlike many retirement plan providers, as a registered investment advisor GP can provide investment specific advice to plan sponsors as well as to employees if you so choose.

Our Services To Retirement Plan Sponsors Include The Following:

  • Advisory Services to Plan Sponsors
  • Retirement Plan Review
  • Needs Analysis Development
  • Plan Design
  • Plan Re-bid
  • Plan Conversion
  • Operations Oversight
  • Advisory Services to Plan Sponsors Regarding Investment Selection
  • Investment Policy Statement Development
  • ERISA and Fiduciary Education (GP does not act in a legal capacity nor provide legal advice)
  • Employee Education
  • Investment Advice to Employees